To meet its customers gas energy needs, TGC provides or facilitates gas delivered to the customer’s point of receipt, such as an interstate pipeline or the customer’s Local Distribution Company. In addition, TGC can arrange for the customer gas services such as balancing, storage, standby, and peaking service to meet the specific customer’s requirements. Gas contracts and various gas services can be either monthly or on a term basis. For export markets, TGC facilitates supply procurement and market development.


In an open competitive market with many alternatives and service providers, TGC’s experience as an independent marketer, broker and consultant can help you realize your gas energy objectives, be they strategic-long term, or tactical-short term, in nature. TGC can assist you in developing a plan for meeting your energy objectives based on supply, infrastructure and alternatives. TGC can also develop shorter term options for spot market gas supplies. In markets with few supply or transportation options, TGC can act as buyer’s agent. In these cases, TGC can help you meet your energy objectives.


Two primary traditional demand-side markets are the small- to mid-sized commercial/industrial customers and the larger wholesale, i.e., industrial, power, LDC, and trade customers. For commercial/small industrial customers TGC develops “city gate” service, i.e., gas delivered to the customers’ LDC which redelivers customer’s gas to the customer’s burner-tip. For wholesale customers and buyer groups, TGC can arrange/provide gas supply and delivery options and negotiate/arrange other pipeline services according to each individual entity’s needs.


TGC’s traditional demand-side market service area includes the Mid-Atlantic (PA, MD, VA, WV, DE, OH, KY, TN, NC.) and northeastern states (NY, NJ, MA, RI, CT, NH, ME, VT) using the Columbia Gas, Dominion Transmission and Equitrans pipelines and their related upstream and downstream transporters. For California and other states, TGC can arrange gas delivery according to the individual buyer’s specifications with availability based on competitively priced gas supply and transportation.


Here is TGC’s eastern service area map.


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