TGC’s Supplies and Services

For California end-use gas supplies & services as well as gas producer interested in the transportation and other gas markets, please note that in addition to offering traditional end user gas service, TGC is developing a strategic plan to effect delivery of CNG (and possibly LNG) for regional and long haul fleets seeking infrastructure to facilitate their conversion to natural gas as their transportation fuel of choice.  TGC seeks contact with fleet operators interested in exploring their options for conversion to cheaper and reliable transportation fuel supplies available to them where they need it and when they want it.  TGC welcomes the opportunity to work with these firms to fulfill their fuel conversion plans.


For pipeline supplies of natural gas, please note that TGC has historically delivered via the following interstate pipelines:


Dominion Transmission to Related Local Distribution Companies including

  • Peoples Natural Gas
  • East Ohio Gas
  • Hope Gas
  • Rochester Gas & Electric
  • Niagara Mohawk
  • New York State Electric & Gas
  • National Fuels Gas


Columbia Gas Transmission to Related Local Distribution Companies

  • Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania
  • Columbia Gas of Maryland
  • Columbia Gas of Ohio
  • Commonwealth Gas Services
  • Roanoke Gas
  • Washington Gas Light
  • Baltimore Gas & Electric
  • Charlottesville Gas
  • Mountaineer Gas
  • Central Hudson Gas & Electric
  • New York State Electric & Gas
  • Virginia Natural Gas
  • National Fuels Gas


Columbia Gulf Transmission to

  • East Tennessee Gas Transmission
  • ANR Pipeline
  • Texas Gas Transmission


Equitrans to

  • Equitable Gas
  • Peoples Natural Gas
  • Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania
  • Three Rivers Pipeline
  • National Fuels Gas
  • Carnegie Natural Gas


Gas Supplies can also be arranged for delivery via Transwestern, El Paso and Other Western Region Pipelines, and Eastern Region Pipelines – Transco, Tennessee, and Texas Eastern.


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